ocean construction

Your desire to learn more about Ocean Construction brought you to our web page and we thank you for visiting. Please visit our "About" page and read about our business and learn how we can help you. Feel free to call us or visit our contact page with any questions, comments, or to request an estimate. We are always interested in bidding on small and large projects, please add us to your vendor list so that we may have an opportunity to submit a bid to you for consideration.

NJ License # 13VH02854000

8(a)/SBE/MBE/DBE/DPMC/Public Works Certifed

An Equal Opportunity Employer

NAICS Codes: 236115, 236118, 236220, 237110, 237130, 237310, 238110, 238140, 238190, 238340, 238910, 238990, 541690, and 561730

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured